Why Your Pharmacy Needs EZSCRIPTRx


With intelligent Real-Time Benefits Verification (iRTBV), EZSCRIPTRx takes the pain out of filling prescriptions. Specialized platforms for Physicians and Pharmacists that increase profitability through increased prescription conversion.

Prescribing The EZ Way
Intelligent Real-Time Benefits Verification (iRTBV)
Specific to BIN, PCN, and GRP Numbers
All Within Seconds Without Taxing
Your Pharmacy Management Software
The Benefits Stack Up:

Increased Accuracy & Safety

Scripts That Are Submitted Are Covered

Fewer Substitution Authorizations

More Covered Choices Than Script Pads

Patient Knows Copays At Point-of-Care

A Powerful Physician Marketing Tool

Enhanced Documentation and Audit Protection

Higher Patient Satisfaction

Better Physician Relationships

We Offer Specialized Platforms For:





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