Bulk Patient NDC Checks

The EZ Interchange Request


With just a few simple clicks, and without even leaving the platform, you can perform a Therapeutic Interchange, using the EZ Interchange Request to:

  • Replace medications not covered (or poorly covered)

  • Reduce Patient's out-of-pocket expense

  • Record (and improve) adherence 

  • Provide information about covered meds the Provider may be unaware of 

  • Help to improve Patient's overall care and effectiveness of treatment with covered adjunct therapies

  • Improve your Provider relationships

Average Insurance Reimbursement (AIR)

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Like a breath of fresh AIR we added an incredible new field to the NDC results. The AIR field will display Average Insurance Reimbursement, which is the average insurance payout for that medication in YOUR region. This is based on aggregate data collected bi-weekly from our Partner Pharmacies. The more data we receive,  the more intelligent the platform becomes. As we continually add new Pharmacies, the system gets more and more robust for all. 

Historical NDC Results 

By clicking the Credit Counter Button the user will have the ability to see the past 15 days of ALL NDC Coverage Checks. You can sort by BIN, PCN, GRP, Patient and/or NDC.

More New Arrivals:

Custom NDC Bundles: 


You will be able to send us a request for Custom NDC Bundles to be displayed for each provider and patient you work on, for quicker selection and coverage check of the medications you prefer.

Dual Provider Entry Method: 


In addition to adding a provider by typing his/her NPI number, if the NPI Registry delays longer than usual in validating it, you will be able to enter the first and last name manually.


Expand/Collapse GPI Categories: 


In the Rx Search section, by Therapeutic Category method (also nicknamed Search by GPI), you will now be able to not only to search categories by text match, but also browse categories and subcategories in the hierarchy. You can then expand and collapse them at your convenience until you find the appropriate category to retrieve the NDCs.

Customer Service Enhancements: 


You can now contact our Technical Support, simply by clicking on the bottom right corner question mark (“?”) icon, and you will be able to search for How To articles or submit your inquiry through our new EZ Service Desk.


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