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Bulk Patient NDC Checks

Average Insurance Reimbursement (AIR)

Historical NDC Results 

Look For These New Features:

Historical NDC Coverage Usage: You can now review a chronological list of all NDC Coverage Checks performed for all patients, by all users, in your account. You can search or filter by BIN, PCN, Group, Patient or NDC Code. This way you may reutilize previous results (e.g. you find out that a patient with the same insurance as the current one, was covered for a particular NDC). Or you can find out what alternative NDCs are covered for that insurance plan. Historical NDC Search shows the last 15 days of activity. Learn More 


Bulk Data Imports: We have added the ability for you to upload data files for several purposes. First, uploading your sales data monthly (even de-personalized) ensures that you continue to access the maximum and minimum insurance pay data that we compute across our whole network. Secondly, you can upload patient data, combined with their regular provider data, to pre-populate the system and enable you to simply search and select them, instead of entering their data manually. Finally, you can upload patient/provider/insurance lists to perform Bulk NDC Verification checks (see below). Learn More


Bulk NDC Verification: Now you can utilize the Bulk Data Import feature (see above) to upload patients to be verified for a group of NDCs (up to 4 NDCs in this first release). After doing the file upload, simply send us an email with the NDC details and dispense quantities for each. The file should contain the patient’s primary insurance data. In upcoming versions we will combine Eligibility Check if you require it. We will process the file and return the results to you in Excel format. Learn More


Quick Increase/Decrease Dispense Quantity: Add more packages with just one click instead of calculating double, triple or more units. Especially useful for topicals with package sizes in grams with decimals.


More Arrivals In The Bag:

National Average Remit: In cases where our system does not have minimum/maximum insurance pay data for a specific NDC, under a specific insurance plan, you can now see average insurance remit (considering all payers we have data for). This may serve as a proxy to determine if it may be worth your while to check for real-time coverage or skip the NDC altogether. Learn More


Aberrant List Warning: As some NDC codes may trigger warnings by some payers, every time an NDC code in these aberrant lists matches the patient’s insurance, it will show it. Learn More

August Arrivals:

Custom NDC Bundles: You will be able to send us a request for Custom NDC Bundles to be displayed for each provider and patient you work on, for quicker selection and coverage check of the medications you prefer.


Direct NDC Search: The Rx Search section will now allow you to find a specific NDC just by entering its 11 digit code. A big time saver if you know exactly what you are looking for.


Customer Service Enhancements: In addition to the recently launched Service Desk, we will be implementing more technologies to help us provide you with the solutions that you need much faster.

Dual Provider Entry Method: In addition to adding a provider by typing his/her NPI number, if the NPI Registry delays longer than usual in validating it, you will be able to enter the first and last name manually.


Expand/Collapse GPI Categories: In the Rx Search section, by Therapeutic Category method (also nicknamed Search by GPI), you will now be able to not only to search categories by text match, but also browse categories and subcategories in the hierarchy. You can then expand and collapse them at your convenience until you find the appropriate category to retrieve the NDCs.

More New Features On Deck 

A Very Important Part of Our Team

Many of the improvements to our system have been based on real-world feedback we have received from Pharmacists and Providers in the trenches. We use this valuable user input to consistently optimize our platform in new and exciting ways.


In order to deliver on our promise to provide the best Pharmacy tool out there and to change the scripting process as we know it, we will continually seek our Pharmacy Partners' feedback.


So to our Pharmacy and Provider partners...keep it coming.


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