Quick & EZ Instructions:

Importing your existing Patients and Providers substantially improves ease of use, while historical remit data supercharges your Average Insurance Reimbursement (AIR) results. And it only takes minutes to do.


To Add Provider/Patient/NDC Remit Data (AIR) to Your Portal:


First Time: Please export one .CSV file from your Pharmacy Management System covering the last 12-18 months, and include the column headers below. Then save it to your computer. This is all you need to do. During your Onboarding and Activation call, we will walk through importing this file.


Quarterly: Going forward after the initial 12-18 month report is in the system, you will want to repeat the process every quarter to keep your system optimized.


Column Headers: 

A Few Things To Note:

1) If it is easier for you, you can do a full export. Additional headers/rows included will be discarded.

2) Some PMS systems require you to have the PMS Support Team create a custom report for you.

3) Please do not open with Excel after the export to modify as Excel removes leading zeros.

  1. Date Filled

  2. Dispensed Quantity 

  3. Dispensed 11-Digit NDC

  4. Acquisition Cost (Cost of Goods)

  5. Primary Copay Amount 

  6. Primary Remit Amount or Ingredient Cost Paid (Insurance Pay)

  7. Patient Last Name 

  8. Patient First Name 

  9. Patient Primary Zip Code 

  10. Patient Date of Birth 

  11. Patient Gender

  12. Primary Group Number

  13. Primary Card Holder ID 

  14. Primary Third Party Bin 

  15. Primary Third Party PCN

  16. Prescriber First Name 

  17. Prescriber Last Name

  18. Prescriber NPI Primary 


2) Select "Monthly Sales Report (Personalized)" from the dropdown menu.

Import Data

3) Click "Browse" to find and select the saved .CSV data file your file from your computer.

4) Once the file is selected, click "Upload" and you are done. It is that EZ.

Select File

Completing this simple process quarterly will ensure that your results are continuously supercharged specifically for your Pharmacy's needs.

Keeping Your System Optimized By

Importing Your Data Report Quarterly


This Process Is Quick and EZ

Once your file is downloaded, you easily can import it directly into the EZSCRIPTRx platform. Here's how:


1) Click the purple "Import" button in the upper right hand corner of your screen.



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