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EZSCRIPTRx, The Must-Have Tool For Every Successful Pharmacy, Is In A Constant State Of Improvement.

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Introducing AIR 2.0


Average Insurance Reimbursement (AIR)


We have completely overhauled our Average Insurance Reimbursement feature. This field displays the average insurance payout for a specific medication, by a specific payor, based on aggregate data collected from our Partner Pharmacies. The more data we receive, the more intelligent and robust the platform becomes. This means that you are now the beneficiary of our rapid nationwide growth, giving you access to real-world average remit amounts with every fill.


Unsurpassed Access

Coverage Map

Coverage Connectivity On Steroids


EZSCRIPTRx now provides direct real-time access to coverage and benefits details from ALL MAJOR US PAYORS, covering 97% of all of the Patients in America. This is unmatched coverage connectivity.

The EZ 90 Checker

90 Days Supply

The EZ 90 Checker

We've added a new feature to check 90-Day Fill Eligibility without ever leaving your search screen. Simply select 90 using the "Days Supply" toggle and run a benefits check to see which NDCs qualify for a 90-Day fill.

Show OTC, Repackaged & Inactive

New Filters

More Precise Filters

Every step we can save you, adds up to a more efficient and streamlined Pharmacy. So we've added 3 new filters, to further refine your search.

  • O for OTC

  • R for Repackaged

  • I for Inactive

The EZ Interchange Request

EZ TI Request

Therapeutic Interchange Request Made EZ


With just a few simple clicks, and without even leaving the platform, you can perform a Therapeutic Interchange. Use the EZ TI Request to:

  • Replace medications not covered (or poorly covered)

  • Reduce Patient's out-of-pocket expense

  • Record (and improve) adherence 

  • Provide information about covered meds the Provider may be unaware of 

  • Help to improve Patient's overall care and effectiveness of treatment with covered adjunct therapies

  • Improve Provider Relationships by becoming a great resource to them

Rx Category Management & Search

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Custom Categories: Create, edit and manage your own Custom Categories, for quicker selection and coverage checks of the groups of medications you prefer, so they always remain fresh and relevant. 

EZ Search: Find the category you’re looking for much quicker by using the Rx Category Search Tool. You can search by NDC, Drug Name, Therapeutic Category or Custom Category name.

Control What You See: Hide the default system categories that you don't need, so that you only see the "go-to" categories you use most.

EZ Access: In the top right corner of your screen under "Menu", click "My Profile".  From there, you can easily manage your Rx Categories.

Cost Of Goods (COG) Feature


EZ Breezy: If we had a nickel for every time a Pharmacy asked for Cost Of Goods to be displayed on the same screen as their benefits check information, well let's just say we'd have a LOT of nickels stacked up. You asked...we delivered...COG 

Historical NDC Results 


By clicking the Credit Counter Button the user will have the ability to see the past 15 days of ALL NDC Coverage Checks. You can sort by BIN, PCN, GRP, Patient and/or NDC.

More Features:

Real-Time NPI


Online real-time validation of new Providers added by Pharmacies. Just enter the NPI code and EZSCRIPTRx retrieves the Provider's first and last name from the official source of NPI codes. 



Pharmacy Not Enrolled Warning:  


If we have detected that your Pharmacy is not enrolled or does not have a current contract with a Payor, you will be shown a warning, so you don’t waste credits with an insurance plan you cannot process.

DailyMed Icon: 


Allows you to quickly connect to dailymed.nlm.nih.gov for in-depth Drug information.


Custom Quantities:

Ability to specify the specific quantity of a medication that will be checked for coverage, before actually clicking "Check Coverage"

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More For Your Bag Of Tricks:


Uncheck NDCs: 


Ability to select/deselect which NDCs will be checked for coverage when browsing EZSCRIPTRx Categories (this ability was previously present only in the Rx Search section). 

Optimization Algorithm Improvements Checks: 

As we feed more and more data into the system we have been able to trim the number of low performing NDCs that we check, which results in your credits going further.

Toggle All On or Off: 


Now you have the ability to toggle all NDCs On or Off and individually before you click the CHECK COVERAGE button. 

Clear Search Results


Now you have the ability to clear all NDCs from the search results section with a click of a button. 

These Tools Unboxed

Aberrant List Warning: 


As some NDC codes may trigger warnings by some payers, every time an NDC code in these aberrant lists matches the patient’s insurance, it will show it. Learn More 

Quick Increase/Decrease Dispense Quantity: 


Add more packages with just one click instead of calculating double, triple or more units. Especially useful with topicals with package sizes in grams with decimals. 

4 Ways To Search


You can search by drug name, therapeutic category, NDC or Custom Rx Categories.

Searching By Therapeutic Category or GPI: 

The Rx Search section allows you to find NDCs by browsing the MediSpan database categories, instead of specifying the exact drug and strength. Browsing the categories enables you to find other drugs in the same therapeutic category or GPI. For each category, you will see in brackets how many NDCs can be retrieved from it.

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Our People Complete The Puzzle


Customer Success Team: 

We put your success at the center of all that we do, and we understand that we are only as good as the ROI you receive from using our platform. Therefore we have invested significantly in our Customer Success Support and Training. This team's sole purpose is to make sure that you are getting the most value possible out of our platform.


If your team needs a refresher or you want to learn some new tips and tricks to improve your pharmacy's success,  schedule a free training. 

Technical Support: 


You can contact our Technical Support, anytime simply by clicking on the bottom right corner question mark (“?”) icon. You can also search for How To articles or submit your inquiry through our EZ Service Desk.

A Very Important Part of Our Team


Many of the improvements to our system have been based on real-world feedback we have received from Pharmacists and Providers in the trenches. We use this valuable user input to consistently optimize our platform in new and exciting ways.
In order to deliver on our promise to provide the best Pharmacy tool out there and to change the scripting process as we know it, we will continually seek our Pharmacy Partners' feedback.
So to our Pharmacy partners...keep it coming.


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