COMPARING Other Real-Time Benefits Verification With EZSCRIPTRx's iRTBV

Many companies claim they offer Real-Time Benefits Verification (RTBV).

Yet, how do those compare with EZSCRIPTRx’s

intelligent Real-Time Benefits Verification (iRTBV)? 


There is almost no comparison… 

Information Accuracy

While both will return results, many RTBV solutions are involved in partnerships with large organizations to source the data they display. Unfortunately, those relationships can color the results displayed to physicians, pharmacists, and their patients. Such as including only those medication options the parties involved prefer to be filled.

Multiple NDC Verifications

With one click and in mere seconds, providers and pharmacies can check multiple NDC's at one time. The status quo from other solutions on the market is one NDC at a time, which is a time-consuming and monotonous process, while the patient waits and your pharmacy or medical practice efficiency bottlenecks.


We put the "i" in iRTBV. EZSCRIPTRx has designed a truly dynamic and intelligent machine learning system that compiles our pharmacy network’s data from across the country, to deliver the very best medication options for your patients. This data allows us to source the very best and most accurate NDC lists specific to a patient's BIN and PCN. Our optimized data is based on real claims from real pharmacies and wholesalers, versus what a particular party wants you to see or prefers you provide to patients.



Other companies offer a free introductory period and then charge or up-sell for each additional feature. At EZSCRIPTRx, we believe in pricing transparency and simplicity. So we offer one flat monthly fee, based on Tier level, which includes all of the many features available on our platform, and the support of our full team of specialists. Each Tier level has an allotted of number of NDC checks per month. A "Credit Tally" indicator at the top of the screen shows the current number of NDC checks used at all times. When you are within 500 checks of your monthly allotment, this indicator turns from green to yellow. This way you are always in control and don't need to leave your screen to check your status.

Verification Anonymity

PBMs don't like it when you run multiple NDCs to find a medication option that is covered, in stock, and profitable. When a benefits check of 15 NDCs is run on the EZSCRIPTRx platform, it is run from our switch - completely separate from your billing software. This means no threatening letters, audits, or clawbacks based on billing software bill and reversals.

Bulk Patient NDC Verifications

We empower pharmacies with the ability to take a patient report from their PMS and run a verification check for a specific NDC on an unlimited number of patients….with just a few clicks. This tool can pinpoint the patients who could benefit from a certain medication and are covered for it.

Profitability Metrics   

Just because a medication is covered doesn't mean it is profitable for the pharmacy or a viable option for the patient. Allow us to provide you crucial information on Average Insurance Reimbursement (AIR) specific to your geography. No more searching for a needle in a haystack. If it is there we will find it for you.

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