Introducing EZSCRIPTRx

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Who hasn't complained about the process of filling prescriptions? Physicians, to Patients and everyone in between, have struggled with antiquated systems of prescribing medications that seem to be stopped in time, while the rest of the world becomes modernized and streamlined.


If you haven't heard of us yet, you soon will. EZSCRIPTRx is a healthcare technology company that has built a smart, cloud-based medication prescribing platform like no other. This state-of-the-art suite of software caters to physicians, clinics, hospitals, treatment centers and pharmacies, dramatically improving the prescription process for all involved.

EZSCRIPTRx's end-to-end prescribing system is seamlessly built around efficiency, transparency, and efficacy between the Physician, Clinic, Pharmacy, and Patient.

Secure and HIPAA compliant, EZSCRIPTRx increases transparency from the point-of-care, to the delivery of medication.

Informed Choices

With EZSCRIPTRx, Physicians have access to the same insurance coverage information a pharmacist does before they suggest a specific medication to the Patient, or submit a prescription to the Pharmacy. The Patient is aware of their out-of-pocket costs for prescribed medications before they leave their Physician's office. No surprises at the pharmacy counter and more adherence to prescribed courses of treatment, add up to better results for the Patient.

The EZSCRIPTRx prescription process is electronic, secure, compliant and well-documented for record-keeping and transparency: from Point-of-Care, to Pharmacy, to Patient. Benefits coverage verification and price transparency information are instantly accessed through the EZSCRIPTRx platform, dramatically improving medication adherence.

Electronic prescriptions eliminate reader error or misinterpretation by pharmacy staff, which leads to increased accuracy and safety for the Patient. Real-time coverage verification at the Point-of-Care allows for more informed and collaborative decision-making between Physicians and Patients.


We eliminate much of the work involved in the current prescription system. With EZSCRIPTRx, healthcare staff's time is freed up from endless phone calls to insurance companies chasing coverage information and approvals. Patients no longer experience surprise denials of coverage or unexpected high copays at the Pharmacy. Every step of the way becomes easier and more efficient for all.


The EZSCRIPTRx team’s clearly-defined mission is to revolutionize prescription processing through advanced technology and unparalleled service to our healthcare provider partners.

Our overarching goal is to securely and effectively free up healthcare provider's time to do what they do best...treat patients.

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