Our U.S. Pharmacy Network can fill Retail, Specialized, Compounding and Schedule 2 through 5 medications.





Real-time Verification of Benefits digital prescription

Free delivery to your location of choice


Medication tracking 


We cover 12 states and growing, under one pharmacy network


Affordable cash pay options


Patient satisfaction team - we outreach 


Prescription Refill Automation




  • U.S. Pharmacy network that can fill retail, specialized, compounding and schedule 2-5 medications

  • Real-time Verification of Benefits digital prescription for physicians

  • Prior Authorization support

  • Affordable cash pay options

  • Copay assistance

  • Free medication delivery

  • Patient medication tracking communication

  • Real time prescription status updates

  • EMR/EHR Integration

  • Medication management

  • Prescription Refill automation

  • Patient satisfaction team




video chat with pharmacy on status Rx











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