Streamlining the Prescription Fulfillment Process

Through Automation and Integration


A Powerful Tool For Independent Pharmacies

EZSCRIPTRx takes the guesswork out of filling prescriptions. 

  • EZSCRIPTRx is a unique and powerful cloud-based pharmacy tool, that improves the healthcare experience for all involved: the Patient, Physician and Pharmacy.

  • Secure and HIPAA compliant, EZSCRIPTRx enhances workflow and efficiency by consistently delivering the information Pharmacies need for more timely delivery of the best medication for the Patient, at a cost they can afford.

  • Intelligent Real-Time Benefits Verification (iRTBV) delivers comprehensive Patient-specific medication benefits information in real-time, directly from the Patient’s benefit plan. 

  • This powerful tool improves workflow, by lowering the Pharmacy staff’s administrative burden by displaying a wide range of options with coverage details, that are on the formulary.

  • EZSCRIPTRx's Intelligent Real Time Benefits Verification (iRTBV) and price transparency information is instantly accessed through the EZSCRIPTRx platform, dramatically improving medication adherence.

  • Quickly identify Patient-specific therapeutic alternatives to prescribed medications that may require a prior authorization, are unaffordable to the Patient, or have other dispensing limitations

  • EZSCRIPTRx's Intelligent Real Time Benefits Verification (iRTBV) information allows for more informed and collaborative decision-making interactions between the Pharmacist or Pharmacy Technician and the Patient. 

  • Intelligent Real Time Benefits Verification (iRTBV), frees up healthcare staff's time spent on endless phone calls between pharmacy, clinic and insurance companies, chasing coverage information and approvals.

  • Patients' Pharmacy experience is vastly improved with less waiting on subsitutions for uncovered or under-covered meds, choices with lower copays, and additonal adjunct therapy options.

Why did we create EZSCRIPTRx?

A video message from our founders.

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"...With all of the advances in technology, why are we still filling prescriptions the way we did in the 1950s?..."




With EZSCRIPTRx those days are over.

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