About Us



EZSCRIPTRx is an innovative software technology company with one clearly-defined mission:


To Revolutionize Patient Care Through Advanced Technology

and Unparalleled Service to the Independent Pharmacy Community.


EZSCRIPTRx was founded in 2019, by a team of individuals with decades of collective experience in the healthcare and technology industries...a group passionate about fixing what is broken within the independent Pharmacy space.


With a constant focus on the end-user experience from the beginning, EZSCRIPTRx has created a state-of-the-art platform that streamlines, integrates, and automates the entire prescription fulfillment process. This securely and effectively frees up Pharmacy staff's time to do what they do best...serve patients. 

Improving Adherence


EZSCRIPTRx's goal is to assist Pharmacies in finding "covered" medication options for their Patients with a copay they can afford, and all but eliminate callbacks between Pharmacy and Provider. All of which serve to dramatically improve medication adherence.



Equally important, the platform provides a workflow that helps Pharmacies avoid "fishing" or "test billing" by providing a solution that quickly displays valuable information about a Patient's benefits. The ONLY transaction in the Pharmacy's PMS, is the adjudication of an approved medication that will be dispensed to the patient.



Rapid Growth

Independent Pharmacies recognized the value of EZSCRIPTRx immediately, and it is already being utilized by Pharmacies large and small, in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. The larger the network becomes, the more valuable the platform becomes to ALL Pharmacy partners, due to the strength and breadth of the data. 



Security Commitment
At EZSCRIPTRx, quality and security are top priorities. All coding is done in-house, by full-time in-house software engineers. No third parties are ever used for engineering work.

EZ Facts:


EZSCRIPTRx is a user-friendly cloud-based platform that fits right into your Pharmacy’s existing workflow, delivering comprehensive patient-specific medication benefits information in real-time, directly from the patient’s benefit plan. 

EZSCRIPTRx optimizes your Pharmacy’s operational efficiency by providing a single connection to key information from the largest network of PBMs and health plans in the US. This gives you access to the full benefits landscape at the front end of the process, eliminating the time and cost of re-adjudicating claims to finally reach one that works. If it is there, EZSCRIPTRx will find it for you.

EZSCRIPTRx arms your pharmacy with the ability to offer patients more cost-effective therapeutic alternatives, lower co-pay options, and faster prescription fulfillment, while at the same time supercharging workflow and profitability. This results in fewer abandoned scripts remaining on shelves.



EZSCRIPTRx lowers Pharmacy staff’s administrative burden, by displaying a wide range of options that are on the formulary with coverage details. This empowers them to make the best choices, without ever having to pick up the phone. Decreasing prescription abandonment keeps patients healthier and more highly satisfied with their level of care.

EZSCRIPTRx platform data costs are completely transparent and rolled into one flat monthly charge. No nickel and diming, or added charges. All plans include the support of a full team of specialists, pharmacy professionals, and implementation/technology experts.

Where is EZSCRIPTRx?


EZSCRIPTRx is based in San Antonio, Texas, with locations in Southern California, and Argentina. EZSCRIPTRx's independent Pharmacy network of customers currently spans all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

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